Introductory review on legit SurveyJunkie

This article tells about the beneficial SurveyJunkie. Read it carefully and find out how to take a Junkie survey and get easy money with its help.

Our lives are inextricably linked with everyday shopping, visiting different places and using services. And of course, we have to spend a lot of money! However, with SurveyJunkie you have a chance to earn on such activity. All you need is to share your experience by answering questions about products and services which you recently used. So, read the following information and learn more.

Brief information about customer satisfaction surveys for a newbie

Those who have never encountered such a phenomenon should know that these events are held by brands in order to improve the quality of their service and products.

It is no secret that the main indicator of a company's success is a satisfaction of its customers, both actual and potential. Therefore, feedback is very important. And the most convenient way to get it is to conduct surveys for people who have used the services of the company recently. As a rule, the list of questions is simple and does not require any specific knowledge and much time to answer.

Of course, survey participants are also interested in it. Firstly, they get a better product, and secondly, they receive a reward, usually a monetary one, for the time spent.

What SurveyJunkie offers to you

It is the web resource founded in 2013 which is aimed to connect research companies and consumers for better cooperation. More than 10 million members are represented there and share their opinion about favorite brands. Being legit it regularly pays its users so you can be sure that you will not waste your time and energy in vain.

A great advantage of the Junkie is that you can take surveys of different companies (such as MySurvey, Pinecone Research, and Vindale Research) and find those which services and products you use. Moreover, many new updates are offered every day, so you always have a chance to make money. And after creating an account and filling out a profile, you can start earning online at any time comfortable for you.

Login page description

Firstly, you should visit Find the button “Join now” and click it. After that, you will see a special form where you can sign up via an email address or by using your Facebook account. Just choose what is suitable for you. Once registration is confirmed, you can use your account to make money.

Note: If you are going to take a survey but face the statement that you cannot qualify it – don’t worry! It just means that you are not a qualified customer for this particular survey. So, take another one.

Also, it is necessary to provide personal information (this information is important for companies to understand the person among their customers). The required information is related to questions: how many purchases you do; how much money you can spend; your gender, age, relationship status, interests, etc.

Points to know about Survey Junkie

1. How much money do you get from SurveyJunkie?

Every 100 points bring $1. Usually, the survey takes 1-20 minutes to complete and gives 10-90 points.

For example, you can obtain about $2 just for the setting up of the profile which includes such actions as:

  • Create an account
  • Identify email address
  • Provide ZIP code
  • Fill out the required profile information
  • Visit “How it works?” page
  • Complete additional profile information

Of course, this cannot be the main income. So, you can't get rich that way. However, the extra money will be a good addition to personal finance.

2. Who can be a member of the resource

The requirements are quite simple. You must be at least 13 years old and be a resident of the United States, Canada, and Australia.

At the same time, you should know that surveys have special requirements for their participants. As a result, these basic characteristics do not guarantee successful survey completing.

3. Earning process

The presented resource offers several ways to get points: successfully completing surveys, filling out a profile, attracting friends to participate and other readable actions. Each action has points displayed within a green button. These points you must redeem in order to earn money.

The redeem process includes a few simple steps:

1. Firstly you should click “My points” from the navigation menu or click “Current points” from the user dashboard. And if you have at least 1000 points you can redeem them.

2. Use the next fast ways to get your money:

  • PayPal which is available in all countries
  • E-Giftcards which is available only in the USA
  • Bank transfer (only U.S.)

PayPal requires creating an account. Take into account that U.S. users have to use a verified one! Its verification is possible after completing the following actions:

  • Link your bank account and confirm it
  • Verify credit card
  • Provide the social security number

You may also be asked to confirm your account using a phone number.

E-Giftcards can be used only by residents of the USA and requires phone number confirmation.

Bank transfer can be initiated after providing a bank account and routing number.

3. When you select the desired method, you have to provide the email address where you want to receive rewards. New emails must be confirmed!

Click “Yes, Redeem” if you are sure that you have specified all the data correctly. You will see “Congratulations” pop-up window after successful redemption.

4. Survey Junkie Pulse

Use a special chrome extension called Survey Junkie Pulse to keep abreast of all surveys attractive for you by receiving them to the inbox.

This extension collects information about your search queries and other data to select the most appropriate surveys according to your interests. Of course, all collected information can be used only for specified purposes and keeps privately.

Moreover, using the represented app brings 150 points as a pleasant bonus.

5. A great way to make more money

In addition to surveys, you can use the opportunity to invite friends, which also brings excellent amount points. Being an affiliate member, you can have a personal referral code which you need to use in order to refer friends. Each person who signs up via your code brings $1.50.

A good way to invite friends is to share the referral link with a brief description in social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. However, the most effective way to make money by this way is a personal blog where readers are interested in this kind of earnings.

6. Another good recommendation

Unfortunately, there are many surveys which are not relevant for you and it becomes known during the filling of the first initial demographic questions. And of course, it upsets and reduces productivity. Don't give in to that feeling! Just keep going to look through as fast as you can. It significantly increases your chances to earn more.

7. Proper user behavior

Take into account that there are two important aspects to consider when using the site. Firstly, you must be active enough to receive new surveys. Secondly, do not overdo while answering questions, because the website can take you as an unscrupulous user and stop sending new surveys. Find the “golden mean” to get the best possible result. For example, you can answer about 6 surveys sending about an hour per day which usually brings $5-12 every day. But this opportunity is available for you after some time using the service.

8. Advantages and disadvantages

Additionally, you can use the following list of advantages and disadvantages for making a decision whether to use the represented web resource or not!

  • It is easy to register
  • You can use it for free
  • It is a legit resource which pays money
  • Its use does not require any special knowledge
  • You can use it via any device with the Internet connection
  • Constant updates of SurveyJunkie
  • Email alerts
  • Convenient payment options
  • Referral program
  • The informative FAQ and reliable customer service
  • Not all surveys are accessible to you
  • Limits must be observed. You cannot take surveys all the time because they expire. So, it is necessary to wait for some time until new ones appear
  • Sometimes questions are boring and redundant

As you can see, the pros are clearly more. Therefore, if you have a desire to earn extra money in your free time, then Junkie is a great way to do it. It is especially beneficial for those who have a good sense of diligence and attention because answering questions is not as easy as it first seems.