– Pay Your Bill Online

Patients that have received a Patient Statement in the mail from their health care provider indicating they owe a balance can visit and make an online payment.  Many times the balance owed are services rendered that were not covered by their health insurance.

To make paying their bill convenient patients can visit the Your Account Center website and access their account information online.  The web service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and allows users to make a payment as well as view their patient information.

Much of the patient information that is available inside the online account is a billing statement that includes the same information that is listed on the paper billing statement including a list of services rendered, the date the services were rendered, individual charges, payments/adjustments, patient balance, payment due date, amount due, and payment address.

Login to YourAccountCenter

To login to Your Account Center users will need to enter their account number which can be found on your patient statement.  It is highlighted and is made of 7 digits with the following format ##-#.  The first 2 digits are separated from the rest by a dash.

After logging in to your account you will be able to view your account and make a payment.  Payments can be made via a credit card or by electronic bank draft.  When using the electronic bank draft option you will need to enter your bank routing number and checking account number.  Payments processed on the site are quick and only takes about 15 minutes for processing and posting to your account.

Another function when logged in is users can update their contact information such as their name or address.  If there are questions you may have there is also a feature to submit your question to an agent and they will contact you later.

Submit Payments by Mail/Phone

Patients are not required to use YourAccountCenter for making online payments or accessing their account.  They can instead call the 1-888 number listed on their billing statement to speak with a Customer Service Representative if they have questions and they can submit their payments to the address listed at the bottom of their statement or via phone as well.

The online payment service provided at is a convenience for users and allows them to submit their payment fast and utilize 24 hours in a day to do so.  It is the fastest option when compared to paying by mail because you have to consider the 5 days it takes for mail to travel and get processed.  The service is also free to use.

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