Web Portal Login for Comcast Employee’s

Comcast employee’s can logon to the company network online by visiting the TeamComcast web portal.  The site requires users to know their employee user name and password to sign on.  For employee’s who access the Comcast network on a daily or regular basis use the same login credentials that are used to access the network at the web portal.  Other users will need to contact someone within the company to receive their login information.

Depending on where you are trying to access TeamComcast whether a home computer, mobile device, or public computer it is a good idea to consider the security feature on the web portal.  The security feature at the top of the screen basically helps to keep your private information secure when you’ve accessed the network.  There are two selections available for employees to choose from which are “This is a public or shared computer” OR “This is a private computer.”

The public or shared computer feature is selected when you’re using a public computer such as a library or hotel computer.  It reduces your time of inactivity and will automatically log you off the system.  This helps to protect your account information just in case you forget to manually log out of your employee account.  The private computer is for users who are in the comfort of their own home or who know they are the only ones that will use the computer or mobile device to access their account.  This feature allows them more time of inactivity before the system automatically logs them out.

From time to time it’s a good idea to change your password for your safety so consider checking the box “I want to change my password after logging on” infrequently and give yourself a new password.  Passwords should be at least 8 characters in length and should not be simple to figure out.  Always consider having the following characters to makeup your password:  lowercase letter, uppercase letter, a number, and non-alphabetic characters.

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