– UltiPro Online Employee Self Service

Employee’s of companies that use UltiPro for their payroll services can access their individual payroll record at the UltiPro online web portal at (  To login to view your payroll information you will need to input a User Name and Password.  Your User Name may possibly be your employee badge number and your password should’ve been assigned to you initially but afterwards you can change it to whatever you like.

After successfully logging in to the web portal at ( will immediately see your payroll record with information for you to review.  Some of the information available to you is the last pay date, view pay statement, W-2 info, Current Benefits, Life Events, Career Development, etc.  You have the option to make some edits within those categories and they are accessible for you to review anytime.

By hovering over the Myself tab in the top left corner there are other options and features inside UltiPro for you to access.  Those other options allow you to delve more specifically into your payroll and benefits information.  Regarding pay you can view Year to Date totals and manage your direct deposit.    All of your past paychecks are stored in the system for you to review and go back to review.

If you are interested in a review of your benefit information under the Myself tab there are sections for you to review.  You can see what benefits you are currently signed up for including view your PTO, Leave time, COBRA information, beneficiaries, etc.  Anything pertaining to your career development is also recorded in your online file for you to see.  This also includes any training classes you’ve taken.

The UltiPro login is a great way for employees to frequently view their payroll and benefits information on their own time.


How do I reset my UltiPro?

You can reset your UltiPro password by navigating to the login page and clicking on the “Forgot my password” link. Follow the instructions on your screen to reset your password.

How do you rehire an employee in UltiPro?

Rehire a dismissed employeeClick the People tab.Click Dismissed employees & contractors.Click your employee.Click +Rehire Employee in the lower right corner.Enter your employee's rehire date.Select your employee's work location.Select whether or not you'd like us to file a new hire report.Click Rehire Employee.Rehire a dismissed employee - Gusto Support

Can you access UltiPro from home?

Well, you can do this by simply installing their android or iOs app on your mobile device. ... Ultipro Mobile app allows instant access to all the latest features and tools for employees using Ultipro as their system. Important: You will need a company access code in order to use Ultipro mobile application.

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