Start Your Body Transformation With DDP Yoga

If you are having a hard time committing to a gym membership or maybe you have an injury or health condition that restricts your ability to workout consider the alternative exercise workout program called DDP Yoga.  DDP Yoga was created by former professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page who personally used this workout regimen to regain his health.   It’s a workout program that uses a different exercise philosophy than most people know about.  It is a mix of Yoga and Dynamic Resistance training.

The purpose behind this workout system is to create a low impact training program that will increase the average person’s strength and flexibility while shedding unwanted pounds as at the same time.  Through Dynamic Resistance training you will learn how to use self-resistance exercises, no use of free weights or dumbbells, to engage the muscles in your body and produce a full body workout.  It’s a Yoga styled slow process that fully incorporates your muscles as if you were using weights.

While Yoga and Dynamic Resistance is the core of DDP Yoga another part of the training program that is essential is the diet.  Page has incorporated lots of information on healthy organic eating while eliminating processed foods so you can receive the biggest benefit from your workout regimen.  Your diet is key to ensuring that you are successful with this program.  There are suggestions offered for certain people who start this program to consider a dairy or gluten free diet.

There are three stages of workouts that customers can choose from which are beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.  Each stage is priced differently and customers can read about the differences of each at the link HERE.

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