St. Vincent’s Online Check-In for ER and Walk-In Express Clinic

St. Vincent’s HealthCare has launched their new online check-in website designed to reduce the wait times at their emergency rooms and walk-in express clinics.  Patients can now register online and reserve an appointment to be seen by any of the 3 walk-in clinics or 3 medical centers.

This new process eliminates the extensive wait times that most patients experience when they visit an emergency room but can instead wait at home until it’s time for their appointment.  After arriving at any of the facilities patients will be seen within 15 minutes of their estimated treatment time.

How does the website work?

  • Patients will need to decide and select which hospital or clinic location they would like to visit.  All of the St. Vincent medical facilities are displayed on the site (3 Walk-In Express Clinics and 3 Hospitals).
  • Under each location there is an open time slot displaying available appointment time slots for patients to choose.
  • Detail your reason for your visit and complete the online registration form
  • When you’ve completed the online form and reserved your appointment including location and time simply wait at home until it’s time for your appointment.
  • When you arrive to your reserved appointment you will be seen within 15 minutes

Any patients experiencing life threatening medical conditions should resort to calling 911.

Patients can use any internet capable device to reserve their appointment including mobile devices, smart phones, and home computers.  Once you make your reservation online depending on your medical condition you may receive a phone call back from the hospital urging you to come in sooner if your condition warrants it.

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