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Stop and Shop employees can Stop and Shop Associate Connect at www.ssneac.com. The online web portal is a resource for employees to access company information such as their work schedule, payroll, and employee discounts.

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Stop and Shop Associate Connect

To get started with accessing your employee account information follow these brief instructions:

  • Visit www.ssneac.com or https://stopandshop.com/associateconnect

At the beginning of Stop and Shop Associate Connect employees will have two links to choose from:

  • New England Division Associate Connect
  • New York Metro Division Associate Connect


Click the link your are directly related to then on the following page select the link located at the top of the page Associates, connect here.

You will have the opportunity to view three categories – My Online HR, My Schedule Manager, and Associate Discounts. There is a link under each section that will allow you to login directly to that particular service.

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Stop and Shop Employee Login

Employees that are looking for HR and Payroll information can utilize the My Online HR section.

  • Visit www.ssneac.com
  • Under My Online HR click the red link – Go to My Online HR
  • Enter your User ID
  • Enter your Password
  • Enter your PIN
  • Click the green Submit button
  • If you haven’t setup a PIN use your store computer to set up for the very first time
  • If you have problems logging in see your store manager or supervisor

Check Stop and Shop Schedule

To check your work schedule employees will need to return to Stop and Shop Associate Connect and click the red Access your Schedule link under the My Schedule Manager heading. This option allows users access to their work schedule and employee timecard. The Stop and Shop employee schedules are available every Thursday after 5pm.

My Schedule Manager

  • Visit ssneac.com
  • Click the red Access your schedule link
  • Log into Kronos by clicking the green My Schedule Manager button
  • Enter your User ID and Password
  • Click the green Sign in button
  • Click on My Reports in the My Information section
  • Click on Schedule to select it, it will turn blue. Use the drop down menu to click a Time Period
  • Click View Report
  • The Schedule screen displays for the selected time period
  • Click Return to go back to the Return Menu

Password Assistance Feature

If you need assistance with your password such as retrieving it or perhaps you were locked out of your account the link will provide customer service phone numbers or a separate web portal for assistance.

  • From the login page click the green User ID and Password Assistance link
  • If your account is locked or you need to retrieve your User ID/Password
  • Select the link for the Division or company your work for
  • You will be provided the web link or toll free phone number to call for assistance

Associate Discounts

The Associate Discounts section of Stop and Shop Associate Connect has offers for employees that have received discounts. Employees receive local and national discounts just for being an employee of Stop and Shop. They can login to Associate Discounts to see what offers are available.

  • From ssneac.com click red Associate Discounts link
  • Enter your User ID and Password
  • Click the Green Sign in button




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