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How to Login Integrity Workforce Payroll

Employees of Payroll Integrity Workforce should be aware that they are able to access the site only after they receive their first payroll. After they’ve received their first paycheck then they can begin accessing their paystub/W-2 information from the IntegrityWorkforce.

In order to access your pay statements, you have to enter your login details (your username and password) which are as follows: Your username consists of your last name and the last 4 digits of your SSN. Your password is the last 6 digits of your social security number. Here is a brief example, if your name is Harry Johnson and your SSN is 123-45-6789 then your login credentials will be:

Username: Johnson6789

Password: 456789

After you successfully log in you can change your credentials to something easier to recall. The option to do so is available inside your account.

Amazon Employee Pay Stub

Integrity Staffing Solutions provides major staffing for Amazon Fulfillment Centers. Amazon employees that are assigned work via Integrity Staffing can also view their employee pay stub via Integrity Workforce Payroll. They will need to follow the same login instructions as other Integrity Associates.

Since employees have online access to their paycheck, whenever they need they can print it out. If you are applying for a loan or preparing to file your taxes just visit WebCenter, login to your account, and print out what your electronic pay information. Paystubs have the same information recorded on them as typical hardcopy paystubs. They have your personal information, hours worked, pay rate, deductions, tax info, etc.

It is also possible to view previous paychecks. If you need to see or review your past pay statements you can browse through your pay history to view those individual statements. With the online access you don’t have to worry about storing pay statements in a file at home.

They are neatly arranged inside your WebCenter account at for you to access whenever you need to see them.

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