– Milestone Credit Card Login

Milestone Gold MasterCard members can review their credit card account online using the Secure Server at  The online service is available to customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Cardholders that utilize the free service will have access to their account balance, billing statements, pay their monthly bill online, view their credit limit, view their recent transactions, etc.

How to Use Milestone Card Login

To login to your Milestone Gold MasterCard account you will need to enter your Username and Password at Milestone Financial Services.  First time users of the site that do not have an account will need to go through the registration process by clicking the REGISTER button on the sign on homepage.  The registration form will ask for your account number, birthdate, social security number, email address, and create your username and password.

Cardholders can visit the FAQ section of the site if you have questions or issues concerning your account.  If the FAQ section does not address your concerns you can call the Milestone Customer Service phone number at 1-866-502-6439 to speak with a representative.  They also have a mailing address which is:

BankCard Services

PO Box 4477

Beaverton, OR  97076-4477

The FAQ section basically lists and answers the most common questions customers ask.  The most common issues you’ll find are questions about their credit card account agreements, payments, account information, and how to use your Milestone Gold MasterCard.  Any other questions you may have can be addressed by a BankCard Services Representative via the toll free number.

Milestone Credit Card Payment Info

Milestone Gold MasterCard members can make their monthly credit card payment online by visiting mygenesiscredit myfinanceservice.  There are no fees charged for making an online payment, the service is free.  There may be fees for making a payment by telephone and of course if you opt to send your payment via MoneyGram you’ll have fees.  The most convenient payment option is from inside your account.

Online payments are posted the same day they are made.  Members will need to have their payment submitted prior to 5pm Pacific time to receive the same day credit.  Payments made after 5pm Pacific time will be posted the following business day.

To avoid late payment fees always make sure you know your scheduled payment due date and pay at least the minimum monthly payment.  The advantage with paying online is cardholders can pay as late as the actual due date while members submitting their payment via mail should have their payments in the mail at least 7 business days prior to allow for mail travel time.

My Milestone Card Features

Cardholders can login to their account and view all of their recent and past transactions in near real time.  Your balance is updated nightly and so some transactions such as your payments, purchases, or any other adjustments may not reflect in your account balance until the following day.  This can also reflect on your credit limit which is controlled by recent transactions so you may not have the exact balance showing but just keep in mind you made a purchase and your account will need to adjust for it.

Through your secure online account access at cardholders can access their account via their home computers, public computer, mobile devices, and smartphones.

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