– Apria Bill Pay Info

Apria Healthcare Login

Apria Healthcare customers can pay their bills online by visiting the Apria Healthcare Login portal available 24 hours a day at  The site allows users to access their account information by entering in their login credentials and manage their account from their home computer, public computer, mobile devices, or smartphones.

Another way to access the payment portal is by visiting the Apria homepage and at the top of the screen selecting “Pay My Bill” which will direct you to the payment login screen.

To utilize the patient login users will need to have gone through the registration process to create their username and password.  If this is your first time trying to access the Apria Healthcare payment portal select the Register Now button and complete the online registration process.  The process will save all of your personal information online including payment details so you can simply login anytime to view your account info and make payments.

There are benefits to registering your account online such as saving you time from having to input the same information every time you want to make a payment.  Apria customers don’t have to register but there’s an option to make a payment anyway by selecting “Make A Payment Without Registering.”  This feature bypasses the registration process and goes straight to paying, no account setup required.

Epay Apria Payment Details

Customers can submit a payment via Epay Apria on their account via credit card or electronic debit.  If you don’t have an account and simply want to make an online payment have handy your credit card information or ACH info to submit your payment electronically.  Users that have an account will already have their credit card and bank account info already stored inside their account for fast paying.

When paying online it can take up to 10 days for your payment to be processed and post to your online account.  You will need to be patient and login to your account frequently to check for the actual posting date.

Payment Questions

Any questions you may have about your bill can be directed to Apria through their Contact Us page.  They offer their 1-800 number for easy calling or users can submit their question via email.  There’s an email contact form that can be completed and your question will be sent to customer service.  Questions are reviewed and responded to via the next business day.

One point to consider when you receive your billing statement is your statement reflects the services that your healthcare provider did not cover.  In some cases you will be billed for payment of coinsurance, deductibles, or copayments after services have been rendered.  The amount you owe is the balance after insurance processing.  You can visit to review your bill, make payments, or ask questions.

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