employeeportal.fitnessintl.com – LA Fitness Employee Portal

All employees of LA Fitness can access the LA Fitness Employee Portal from any place via the device with the internet connection. It is possible to visit the website https://employeeportal.fitnessintl.com whenever you want and it is absolutely secure thanks to protected Username and Password.

LA Fitness Employee Portal Login

The LA Fitness employee portal allows its users to view their pay file online without having to depend on their Supervisor or HR Departments. They can easily use their smartphone, tablet, or home computer to logon to the site and find an answer to any questions they may have about their timesheet, benefits, or other pay information. The employee login is safe to use on a public computer as well, employees just need to make sure they logout of their account when using a public computer.

Thanks to LA Fitness employee login page users can monitor their paystub, paystub history, contact information, W-2 info, and more. The site is convenient for employees as they can access their payroll file to view their paystub information. The same information this is available on your paper paystub is displayed electronically inside your online account. Users can see their hours worked, OT hours, wage, taxes, deductions, company benefit, etc.

Use your account if you want to review your past paychecks. These paychecks can be printed out if you need an additional copy. W-2 forms are also available to employees at the beginning of the year from inside the LA Fitness Employee Portal. You can elect to receive your W-2 faster when you receive it electronically inside your employee portal account.

Click the link “Former Employee” if you no more work in LA Fitness but still want to access the LA Fitness employee website. They can view their prior employment information by entering in the last 4 digits of their social security number, first 4 letters of their last name, and date of birth. By entering in this information, they will be able to access their online file. Additionally, every employee can change their personal information on their LA Fitness account They can edit their contact information such as their address and phone number.

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