Rory Mcilory’s New Nike FlyKnit Chukka Men’s Golf Shoes

rory shoerory shoe4

One of golf’s superstars Rory Mcilroy is lacing up a brand new styled golf shoe this weekend as he plays in the Northern Trust Open golf tournament.  He has a golf contract with Nike where he uses their top of the line golf clubs and wears their apparel.  Just this week he’s released a brand new never before seen styled golf shoe from Nike which is a high top sneaker or sneakerboot called the Nike FlyKnit Chukka Men’s Golf shoe.

This shoe is a lot different from what traditional golf shoes look like.  It has more style which will appeal to the younger crowd but is also lightweight.  Avid golfers are fans of a lighter weight shoe because of all the walking that is involved with playing 18 holes.  Another feature is the Nike Chukka Sneakerboot also doesn’t have any spikes which means you don’t have to change shoes when you get to the golf course.  You can leave them on all day.

rory shoe3

The Nike FlyKnit Chukka golf shoe is featherweight featuring Flywire for a locked down fit while being water resistant protecting your feet against early morning dew and showers.  Nike has 2 different colors available on their website for purchasing.

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