Register Your Ronco Product Online

Customers who recently purchased a Ronco product are provided two ways to register ownership of that particular product either via the mail-in Warranty Registration Card or by visiting the Ronco Warranty Registration website.  Registering their product will provide customers with a one year limited warranty that covers their new purchase from defects.

It is recommended that customers complete the registration process within 30 days of their original purchase date to ensure their warranty will be valid.  Whether you decide to use the online or mail-in options you should initiate the process expeditiously to ensure you’re covered in the event of any potential problems with your device.

Customers who decide to register online will need to input their name, phone number, email address, address, product type, purchase date, purchase price, model, serial number, and purchase location.  It will be helpful to retain your receipt of purchase which will have some of this information as well as the actual box the product came in.  After you’ve entered in the required information your product will be officially registered and you will be covered under the limited warranty.

In the event there are problems with your purchase such as defected material or the product doesn’t work you will need to follow these instructions to return the product and be covered under the warranty:

  • When sending the product back in the mail make sure it is thoroughly cleaned and securely packaged to prevent any further damages from mail shipment.
  • Visit to submit a Return Authorization Request that will provide a Return Authorization Number with additional instructions to follow.

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