Qualify for Clinical Research on Depression

Do you struggle with depression?  Are you currently taking medication such as anti-depressants?  If you answered yes to both questions then you may be eligible to participate in a clinical research study in your area that seeks to help people with issues battling recurring depression.  The study is centered around an investigational drug that is designed to work with anti-depressants.

To get started participants should first visit forwardstudies.com where they can take the online screener to see if they qualify for the study.  The screener asks a series of questions based on your health condition to see if you fall into the appropriate categories that will diagnose depression.  The study is specifically targeting people who have a long-term issue with depression and those that have taken anti-depressants for a certain period of time.

Based on your answers in the screening process will determine your eligibility into the program.  A determination will be made immediately after answering all the questions.  If you are not accepted and don’t meet all of the eligibility criteria then you won’t be approved for the clinical study.  There is an option for people who don’t qualify to stay abreast on other clinical research opportunities as they come available by signing up for the Clinical Study Notifier.

If you are approved for the research then your next step will be to contact an approved local clinic that is participating in the study and gather more information about what’s next.  There is a contact form at the end of the survey that will utilize your phone number to sort the clinics in your area that are participating study locations.

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