Qualcomm Online Webmail for Employee Access

Qualcomm employees can connect with customers or other company's departments even without visiting workplaces. They have an opportunity to use the Qualcomm MyMail online system that was designed for employees to have access to working email from anywhere. Traditionally, the platform is operating on the system of accounts that requires users to go through a simple login procedure at least once. Users can work in any convenient location with the same features and tools as at the workplace.

This technology is a real salvation for thousands of employees since now they will not have to stay at work until late. They can easily solve the remaining tasks at home through a computer or smartphone. Employees can continue to collaborate with each other on projects or assignments via email while they’re at home.

Choose the option called “Use the light version of Outlook Web App” in case you have a rather poor internet connection (this version has the same functions as the original one). If you are perhaps using your smartphone or maybe you have DSL or dialup service, this option will better serve your needs. It is specially designed for lower speed internet services just without some of the features that will slow down your email. If you are connecting to your email with fast speed internet services then you won’t need to select the light version.

This platform is stated as a very useful online product as it helps small companies to keep in touch inside without huge internet resources. To login to the Qualcomm email system please visit the link HERE.

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