– Primor Credit Card Login

Primor Secured Visa Gold Card members may login to their credit card accounts by visiting that has lately moved a new place that the Berkshire Bank Credit Card site situated at Cardholders can form in web address to be led into the Primor credit card login display.

The internet use of this Berkshire Bank Cardholder Center is a free support accessible to most Primor CC associates . The website may be obtained 24 hours per day 7 days per week enabling users to see their credit card account data like your equilibrium, statements, current transactions, make payments, and download transactions, create email alerts, etc.

How to Login to Firstchoicebankcc

Primor CC members may login to their accounts through the homepage that is Firstchoicebankcc. The website requires users to enter their User Name and Password to get access. If you are a first time consumer which hasn't enrolled to get online access please choose the Enroll in Online Services link on the site to be led to the enrollment page.

Enrolling needs users to input their name, account number, last 4 digits of the social security number, email address, mother's maiden name, expiry date, and CVC/CVV Amount that is situated on the back of your credit card. Moreover, you'll have to make your Primor charge card signal in credentials (username and password).

As soon as you've successfully logged into your accounts you may see your Account Summary that offers a snapshot of your accounts including your own balance, available credit, money limitation, minimum payment on account of payment due date, last payment amount, current trades, etc.

Primor Credit Card Payment Options

Submitting your monthly Primor credit card payments is very easy and convenient from the online portal. Users can make one-time monthly payments or setup recurring paymentsfrom their bank checking or savings account. Your bank account number/routing number can be stored inside your account for monthly payment via electronic draft.

Cardholders also have the option to pay by credit card or debit card. They can visit and select the Make A Payment On Your Existing Account link and complete the online payment form. Your credit/debit card will be processed for payment.

Primor CC Account Features

Here is a list of other features Primor members will find useful inside their online account. These features are designed to help each member better manage their credit card finances.

Statements Page: this page is very similar to a paper statement you would receive every month except it’s in digital form when you login. It shows your monthly statement info.

Reports Provided: There are 4 different reports users can utilize which are the Full Expense Report, Top Ten Expense Categories, Top Ten Purchases Transactions Report, and the Top Ten Merchants Report. You can choose your report dates and select how you want that report displayed either in Summary or Chart report format.

Email Alerts: simple reminders you can setup when an account or transaction event has occurred that you want to be notified about. Some of these alerts are instances such as credit limit reached, new statement info available, payment due date coming up, etc.

If you are new to the online service visit to enroll and begin having online access to your account.

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