– Register Card & Check Balance

Visa Gift Card users can access their prepaid gift card card balance and track their purchases online at  The Visa or Mastercard gift cards that utilize this website for monitoring are issued by the US Bank National Association.  Consumers that have received one of these cards can have it registered and their card balance checked from the same website.  

MyPrepaidGiftBalance Registration Steps

Registering your gift card is a simple process that anyone can do.  First time users of a gift card that recently received it only need to follow these steps to enroll their card and utilize the online service:  

  • Visit
  • With your gift card handy enter your 16 digit card number into the Card Account Number field
  • Click Enter

After you’ve completed the prepaid gift balance register card process now you can begin logging into your online account and viewing your card balance and monitoring your purchase transactions.  To login simply enter in your card number and your account details should be displayed for free.

Another option to registering without using the online service is by calling Cardholder Services at 1-888-853-9536.  

Why Registration is Important

If you are a cardholder and wondering why you should go through the trouble of the prepaid gift balance register visa process, well there are precautionary reasons.  

  • The first reason is in case you lose your gift card registration is necessary to receive a replacement card.  A replacement card is issued when you provide the card number. Your remaining balance will be transferred to the new card minus a $5.95 replacement card fee.
  • If you do not first have your card registered you will have to supply Cardholder Services a copy of your plastic card and/or a purchase receipt including documentation to verify your identity.
  • The second reason is when registered your card can be used for purchases online, by mail, or even by phone.

Prepaid Gift Balance Customer Service Help

When using a prepaid gift card there can be a number of reasons why a cardholder would need to contact Customer Service.  To get assistance from someone in customer service is simply a phone call away. The number to call Cardholder Services is 1-888-853-9536 or they can be mailed to PO Box 551667, Jacksonville, FL  32255.

When writing you will need to address the issue within 60 days of the transaction error occurring.  Certain documentation is required including the name and card number, date the transaction occurred, dollar amount of the suspected error, and describe/explain the error.

Here are a few reasons why some cardholders may be inclined to contact customer service:

  • Notice errors or have questions about transactions
  • Lost or stolen card
  • Card about to expire and need to request a replacement card with a new expiration date
  • Change PIN

Visa Debit Card Helpful Info

When you purchase or receive your Visa debit card included in the materials is your PIN that you can use for making purchases wherever a PIN is required.  If you want to change your PIN to something you can easily remember contact Cardholder Services.

Cards will expire after their balance reaches zero or when it has reached the expiration date that is displayed on the front of your card.  There are no additional fees charged for card inactivity on cards purchased after January 1, 2020.

Your Visa Gift Card is not a reloadable card and cannot be used at an ATM for a withdrawal.  It is only valued at the amount printed on the front of the card. All gift cards are also only for US use.


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