www.paypal.com/activatecard – Activate PayPal Business Debit

Via website at www.paypal.com/activatecard PayPal customers that have a PayPal Business Debit Mastercard can activate their new substitution card online.

Users should have obtained their new card in the mail and the next action is to activate it.

How to Utilize PayPalActivate

Customers have the opportunity to activate their new card by visiting the online activation web portal or by calling Customer Service. The phone number for customer service for US customers is 1-866-888-6080 OR international customers at 1-402-935-2017.

Activate Card Online

The easiest and fastest way to activate your card is through the paypal.com activate card website. It only takes a few clicks of your mouse and you’re new replacement card will be operable while your old Paypal Mastercard will be completely deactivated.

  • Visit www.paypal.com/activatecard
  • From the Paypal Business Debit Mastercard Login enter your login credentials
  • After logging in you will seen your new card to the left of the screen with the Activate link available
  • Click the Activate link
  • Create your new PIN

After completing the above actions your new card is now ready for use. The last step is to discard your old PayPal Mastercard because it is no longer in service.

It’s a great idea to do this now because you may forget to substitute the card in your purse and while out-and-about try to use it and find it doesn’t work. To prevent this mistake from happening simply replace the card in your wallet ASAP.

PayPal Business Debit Mastercard Review

PayPal wanted to add a few updates to their credit cards its a reason why PayPal updated their customers PayPal Business Debit Mastercard cards. Some of the upgrades are Chip security, move your credit card number to the back of your card, and option for contactless payments.

New Account Number

You receive your new PayPal Business Debit Mastercard with a new account number, card termination date, and security code. All of this information is stored on the back of the card which offers you a degree of privacy. It’s difficult for someone that is curious to see your card info. Your card can be activated at paypal.com/activatecard.

Contactless Payments

Many checkouts in shops are proposing customers to make contactless payments which permits them to simply touch their card at terminals that display the Mastercard Paypass logo or a Contactless icon. This is a super-fast way to pay your bill during checkout that many people enjoy. If for some reason the Chip or Contactless services aren’t available at a store cardholders can still use the magnetic stripe on the back of the card for swiping their payment.

Chip Card

Your new PayPal Mastercard has the Chip placed in the card for an additional layer of security. Many credit card issuers are providing their cardholders with the Chip card OR Chip security which is a more secure feature. Cardholders that are also nearing their old Mastercard’s expiration date will also receive this new Chip card.

Update Merchants

You should note all of these changes because you have to visit each seller that has your PayPal Mastercard stored and renew your account with the new card information. This needs to be done fairly quickly just in case you have recurring monthly payments that may be due.

Other PayPal Business Mastercard Benefits

There are a number of advantages that PayPal consumers obtain as a cardholder. They have access 24/7 for making purchases to over 40 million places and there is an option to withdraw money from their PayPal Business Debit card account via ATM’s or point of sale.

Customers will also get an unconditional 1% cash back that is attached to their PayPal balance every month considering their buying are have a right for the 1% program. There is a zero liability policy applied to each member’s card along with theft and damage protection.



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