– Pay Your Medical Bill Online

Medical patients can pay their hospital or medical bills online using DMA (Data Media Associates) online payment system at  The online payment system called ePayItOnline accepts payments from patients 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The system is safe and secure providing patients a convenient way to review their bill online and pay using their credit card or via electronic debit.

Accessing Epayitonline To Pay

Patients can access their account and billing information by visiting the the online epayitonline payment portal.  To access your account you will need the following information that should be labeled on the billing statement you received in the mail:  CodeID and Access Number. Look for this information on the statement and type it in on the homepage.

After submitting the information from the homepage details of your medical bill will be displayed specifically your account number, guarantor’s name, your name, and the total due on your medical bill.

The next step will ask if you want to enter your email address so you can receive a digital copy of your payment transaction.  This is an appropriate action to ensure your payment has been sent and accepted. If you need to update any of your personal information including insurance details there’s an Update link in the right corner of the screen to initiate those changes.

Epay By Credit Card

When you are ready to make your payment enter the total due on your bill and select Pay Now.  You will be directed to the epay payment center where you will be able to enter your payment information such as credit card or checking account info for electronic draft.  

After making your payment a confirmation will be displayed which you can print out for your records.  If you aren’t able to make the entire payment due and need to inquire about a payment plan there is a box in the right corner that will direct you to the healthcare provider.

Pay By Phone/Mail

If an individual does not want to pay by the epay it online service they can pay by telephone or mail.  Please refer to the epay it phone number on your billing invoice or mailing address to submit a payment. This information should be highlighted on your bill as options for payment.  Please note the online service is a faster option as your payments are processed instantly while it may take a few days for a mailed payment to be processed.

The Epayitonline service is a convenience for patients as they can submit their payment easily online and have it processed instantly.


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