Pay Online at Penn Credit Payment Center

The online Penn Credit Payment Center is available for customers who have past debts they are currently paying on.  Customers who have received a letter in the mail from Penn Credit acknowledging they have unresolved debt balances from previous creditors can access their account online and electronically submit payments.  They can make a one-time payment to payoff their debt or make monthly payments per approved payment arrangements via the site.

The first step before accepting your past balances is to speak to a Penn Credit representative to verify your debt.  For high balances customers may seek for payment arrangement or settlements which need to be discussed and approved by a representative.  When an agreement has been reached customers can access their account online at  All the information needed to login to their account is available on the debt collection letter they received in the mail.

From the letter customers will need to input their 8 digit Penn Credit ID Number and 5 digit zip code.  After this information has been entered all of your account information will be displayed including your total balance, original creditor, and past payments.  When making a payment customers can use online electronic check, online credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), or opt for check by mail.  Online payments require up to 3 business days to be applied to your account so if you submit a payment on Thursday it may not reflect until Monday or Tuesday.

Customers can also elect to submit their payments by mail using the detachable payment slip on the Penn Credit debt collection letter they received in the mail.  They mail their credit card information or check for payment.

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