Participate in a Local Research Study on Asthma

Do you suffer with asthma?  Are you currently taking medication for asthma?  If you answered yes to both questions consider taking part in a local research study in your area.  Acurian Health, a provider of patient recruitment and retention services for the pharmaceutical industry, is searching for patients to take part in their clinical research studies on asthma.  The studies allow patients access to cutting edge treatments and medical research.

People who qualify for the research study won’t have to incur any out of pocket costs.  There are no costs on the patients ends for seeing a local Asthma doctor nor taking medications prescribed to you from the doctor.  Participants won’t have to worry about paying out of pocket but can receive compensation up to $900.  There is also the consideration of commute driving costs between doctor’s visits that participants are also reimbursed for.

Before being allowed to participate in the research study participants must first go through the qualification process to see if they are approved.  At there is an online form that needs to be completed to determine if candidates are approved for the study.  Answer all of the questions truthfully and at the end of the application process a determination will be made if you’re accepted in the program.

There is a minimum age limit of 18 years old and parents or guardians can apply online on behalf of their child or person under their care.  Before proceeding with participating in this program take the time to review all of the questions and answers posted on their site so you will fully understand everything involved in this research study.

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