Nordstrom Fashion Rewards Member Benefits

Take advantage of the rewards points you can earn as a Nordstrom Fashion Rewards member.  Earn points by simply doing what you’re already good at doing which is being a frequent shopper at Nordstrom’s.  Now you have a reason to shop more and continue dressing in style as for every dollar you spend you will begin earning 2 points.  Just keep accumulating those points and you’re on your way to excellent perks and discounts.

If this program is new to you and you’re interested in joining just visit the Nordstrom Fashion Rewards website and click the APPLY NOW button.  The site offers 3 different types of rewards cards that are available for shoppers to select from which allows customers to earn rewards points.  You will notice the Nordstrom Retail, Nordstrom Debit, and the VISA Signature card options.  Depending on what your financial concerns are you can select which card that best suits your shopping needs.

There are a few differences in the cards offered which is the Nordstrom Retail and Debit cards are mainly used by customers to earn points as they shop at Nordstrom stores.  The Debit card is directly linked to your personal bank account and your purchases are taken directly from your account.  The VISA Signature card can be used for purchases anywhere where a VISA logo is accepted.

Some of the perks that are currently being offered for new customers are when you apply for a card and get accepted if you do any shopping at Nordstrom on the day you apply and if you spend at least $100, you will receive a $20 bonus.  Another perk is after you have reached 2,000 accrued points you will receive a $20 Nordstrom Note that is yours to spend on shopping.

There are other benefits that are awarded to customers including exclusive access to their Anniversary Sale, get reimbursed for alterations, personal triple points days, get invites to special holiday events, VIP store access, and more.  If you see the value in becoming a member then go ahead and apply today so you can start taking advantage of all the opportunities.

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