– Activate and Login Guide

Indigo Platinum Mastercard holders can use a new card managing platform at All they have to do — to log in by providing the credentials they have. The platform allows them to activate new cards and manage them online. This secure service guarantees users financial safety and convenient web tools.

The platform offers clients free round the clock opportunities and online access. Thus users can use it to make online bill payments, manage their cashless billing, check transactions history and current balance status. Each feature is designed to assist users in managing their accounts better by having easy access.

Myindigo Card Activate New Cardholders

Follow these simple steps to register the card. In case you have done everything correct start the card activation process. As you finish it you can begin to use your card and try its unique benefits.

If you have received a new Indigo Platinum card it does not mean that it is ready for use. You also have to activate it by going through a simple activation procedure online. The easiest and fastest way to activate your new card is to visit the Myindigo credit card login. At the site click the Activate Your Card (Requires Log-In) link. New cardholders should also know that any card cannot be activated without previous registration. Click the Register link and complete the online registration form. You will need to enter the following information:

  • Credit card account number (enter it exactly as it is shown on your credit card or billing statement.
  • Enter your birthdate in the format of month/day/year
  • Enter your social security number
  • Setup your security questions
  • Create your login credentials (username and password)

Username and Password Troubleshooting

The "Forgot your Username or Password" link located below the log in fields will help you to solve problems related to account entering. To reset your password you will need to enter your username, last 4 digits of your account number, SSN, and date of birth. To reset your username enter your email address, last 4 digits of the account number, SSN, and date of birth.

Online Payment Via MyIndigo Card Login

Nowadays the system offers you 4 ways of online card payments. Those ways are by the online service, by phone, Moneygram, or send a personal check/money order by mail. The most convenient option for most cardholders is the online service.

Your Genesis Indigo card site is the best financial tool for those who are obliged to make credit card payments every month. The process is super easy, fast, and convenient. You only need an internet connection via your home computer, public computer, mobile device, or smartphone to be able to utilize the payment option. Your online card account can consist of both of your personal bank account and account that is used to solve issues related to monthly payments. Your payment can be electronically debited from your checking or savings account.

Pay By Phone/Mail/Moneygram

You can also continue using the most suitable and convenient payment methods for you: smartphones, mail services and so on. To pay by phone users will need to call the number on the back of their card and speak with a customer service rep to take your payment by phone. Moneygram payments, by the way, requires payments to be made in person. When paying consider using this information to make sure your payment gets to the right destination.

Moneygram Payment Info

Company Name: Genesis FS Card Services

Receive Code: 4911

The mailing address for payments sent by mail is:

Genesis FS Card Services

PO Box 4477

Beaverton, OR 97076-4477


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