– Ultipro Login for LIDS Employees

The website Ultipro login is created to provide Genesco employees with access to their paystub and W-2 tax documents online. Anyone who works at the Genesco including Journeys, Shi by Journeys, Lids, and others can use it.

How to Use My Genesco Employee Login

It is compulsory to have login credentials (user name and password) in order to use Ultipro Genesco. Your employer will provide this information for accessing your account which basically follows this format:

  • Your User Name is the first 4 letters of your last name + 6 digit employee number (your employee number is located at the top left corner of your pay stub)
  • Your password is a temporary password consisting of your Date of Birth using the MMDDYYY format
  • After you login you will be prompted to change your password
  • After creating a new password answer 3 security questions

Those who forget their password can use the “Forgot your Password” link to solve the problem.

The Forgot Your Password feature requires you to enter your User Name to assist with resetting your password. If you don’t know your User Name you will need to contact your System Administrator in your IT department. If you’ve however received an access code or reset link enter your User Name and Access Code in the appropriate field.

Viewing Your Journeys Genesco W-2

Employees of MyGenesco Journeys can utilize this quick guide to view their W-2 online and for downloading. After logging on users can view their W-2 by clicking the Myself tab which should be visible on the screen. After selecting Myself the next step is to click the W2 tab under the Pay Section. In this section you will be able to setup your account for electronic delivery of your W-2 so that it will be delivered to your account versus mailed out to you. You will still need to select the Change W-2 Consent Form under Things I Can Do. The last step is to select “I want an electronic copy only.” This will ensure you will not receive a W-2 copy mailed to your home address.

Of course, it is possible to print your W-2 if you have such a need. For users that need further assistance with retrieving their W-2 they can follow the online instructions that are provided under the “Viewing Your Form W-2 Tour” link otherwise your HR department will be of additional assistance.

Among other useful information at Ultipro site LIDS, employees can also find paystub information about their regular/overtime hours worked, deductions, wage information, tax information. Users have 24 hour access to this information that is available for them to monitor and manage their own account.



Can you access UltiPro from home?

Well, you can do this by simply installing their android or iOs app on your mobile device. ... Ultipro Mobile app allows instant access to all the latest features and tools for employees using Ultipro as their system. Important: You will need a company access code in order to use Ultipro mobile application.

How do I reset my UltiPro password?

You can reset your UltiPro password by navigating to the login page and clicking on the “Forgot my password” link. Follow the instructions on your screen to reset your password.

How do I use my employee discount online at journeys?

Once your account has been setup on, your discount will be automatically applied to your orders as long as you login before beginning the checkout process. To do this: Step 1-‐ Go to Step 2-‐ Click on the login button located on the top of the page and sign into your account.

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