– M&M’s Brand 2016 Movie Offer

The M&M’s Brand 2016 Movie Offer is offering participants the opportunity to receive a free movie ticket just for submitting an entry.  The promotional period for this offer runs from January 13, 2020 to February 31, 2020 and the website for this offer is

How to Participate?

Participants will need the use of a smartphone with texting capabilities or have an email address to send and receive emails.  There are 3 steps to this offer:

–              Purchase 1 M&M’s Brand Chocolate Candies (56 oz.) OR 3 M&M’s Brand products (9.4 oz or larger) during a single transaction within the offer promotional period.

–              Use your smartphone to take a picture of your receipt making sure all of the receipt details are clearly visible especially the M&M’s items and the date.

–              Submit this pic by text with the keyword MOVIE to 811811 or email the pic to [email protected]  After successfully sending the text or email you will receive further instructions on your next steps.

When your receipt pic has been approved you will receive a response back in the form of a Reward Code which you’ll redeem at or  You must redeem this offer prior to January 31, 2020 to earn your free movie certificate.

The movie certificate is redeemable for 1 admission which is a $12 value to see any movie at participating theater’s across the United States.  To be sure you’re included in the offer be sure to respond quickly because there are only 30,000 reward codes available for participants.  Only 1 per household is allowed.

When submitting your entry via text you are opting in to receive at least 6 text messages in return.  The age limit for this offer is 13 years old.

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