Login to CenturyLink WebMail 7.5

Subscribers to CenturyLink internet can utilize CenturyLink Webmail 7.5 to access their emails when they are away from their home computer.  The web portal can be accessed through any device that has internet capabilities along with a web browser.  You will simply need to know your email CenturyLink email address and password to gain entrance into your account.  It’s a good idea to bookmark the web portal on your mobile device or laptop for easy access.

Subscribers will enjoy using the webmail service as it is identical to most email services providing users with the ability to compose and read email messages, provide attachments, create folders, create tags, create filters, manage address books, utilize the calendar, create tasks, and more.

If you are interested in utilizing a third party email provider to manage your email account via your smart phone or through your computer you can follow the instructions on the site to set this up.  There are instructions for email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Vista, Windows Live 2011, Snow Leopard, Outlook Express, Blackberry, Android, and more.

Email users who may be experiencing problems or have questions about their service can rely on the FAQ section of the site.  There are links to online documentation which answers questions that people may have.  There are step by step instructions on account features as well.  Users can learn how to take advantage of all of the accessories inside their email.

If you would like to offer some feedback about CenturyLink email please utilize the feedback form.  You can make suggestions or give your opinions about how CLM 7.5 has been performing or what you think can be done to make it better.  Customers help drive new updates and changes as they point out areas that need improvements.

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