– Blaze Credit Card Login

The Blaze Cardmember Services website located at the Blaze Credit Card application site is a secure web portal for Blaze MasterCard cardholders to access their credit card account online.  The online account access allows cardholders to perform a number of features including view their account summary, sign up for text/email alerts, make payments, setup automatic payments, and manage their credit card account via their home computer or mobile devices.

Blaze MasterCard Login

Cardholders can sign in to their account through a User Name and Password that they established during the online registration process.  First-time users or new cardholders can sign up for access by selecting “Click Here to Enroll” on the homepage.  You will need to enter your Blaze Credit Card number, your name as it appears on your card, your Secure Code, and create your Blaze MasterCard login credentials to set everything up properly.  Once your account is activated and your login credentials are established cardholders can access their account through any device that has internet capability including their mobile devices.

There are a lot of features associated with Cardmember Services which serve to be a convenience to cardholders.  The most important feature with a Blaze Credit Card Login is members can sign in to their account anytime 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  This freedom allows users to better manage their account when they have the autonomy to view their credit card information at will. They can access their Blaze MasterCard information while on the go via their smartphone.

Once logged in members can view their account balance and all recent and past transactions.  There is no need to wait for a paper billing statement to arrive in the mail once a month to receive this information.  It is readily available online for members to see what they owe and how they’ve been using their Blaze credit card.

Blaze Credit Card Pay Bill

Making online payments is another convenience for members as they can either manually pay their bill every month or setup automatic payments.  The automatic payments feature allows users to set a date every month when they want their bill to be paid and it will be automatically paid through a bank draft or other established payment method.  With this option they won’t have to worry about late payments and assessing penalties.

Cardholders will need to setup their personal bank checking account to make online payments.  Save your bank’s routing number and checking account number in the Payment section of your online account.  When its time to make a payment it’s a simple one click payment option to have your monthly payment electronically debited from your bank account.  Payments are posted to your account the same day and can take up to a couple days for transacting from your checking account to your credit card account.

Blaze Text/Email Alerts

Text and email alerts are helpful when used as they can alert you when your account reaches a certain balance level and you want to be notified.  This safety feature helps users to avoid incurring unnecessary penalties and late fees.  There are other additional features that are helpful for online account users that are a convenience for them and will save them time.  Take advantage of the free online Cardmember Services offered at the Blaze Credit Card application site and conveniently manage your credit card account easily.

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