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People who have decided to use home or personal loans offered by Loan Depot can use and make payments via the Internet. The platform is free and can be used whenever you need it.

The registration procedure requires you to submit additional data. You will need to type your social security number, primary loan number, a valid email. According to the modern security protocols, you will have to create a few special questions and provide correct answers to avoid data fraud.

At first, a user has to go through a simple login procedure by providing such unique login credentials as his/her ID and password. First-time users that have not already created their login info can select the Register User ID/Password link and be taken to the registration page.

The loandepot loanadministration registration process can be successfully done within 5 minutes or less. Do not forget to note your login credentials to avoid problems associated with account restoring. When logging in you will only receive 3 attempts to access your account before you are locked out. If you get locked out of your Loan Depot account you will need to speak with a live agent for assistance.

LoanAdministration Payment

Online LoanAdministration payment account is programmed according to the latest encryption methods so you do not need to worry about data safety. Users can setup their bank account to draft their loan payment from every month. You will need to setup your bank routing number and checking account number inside your account.

Once logged into LoanAdministration users will never want to use traditional mail notifications again as the online platform is more convenient and faster. You can review your total balance, monthly balance, payment history, statement, etc.

We have prepared clear instructions for you in case you prefer to make monthly payments traditionally. So if you want to use your phone or available mail services to make Loan Depot payments every month read the info below:

Paying By Phone: The Customer Service Representative Department can be called at 1-866-258-6572. When using the automated system note the system is available 24 hours a day to receive payments. Customer Service Representatives are available from 7am to 7 pm Central standard time Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 8 pm.

Paying By Mail:

PO Box 60005

Los Angeles, CA 90060-0005

Nowadays Loan Depot operates and takes payments within home insurance premiums, mortgages, property taxes, etc. For fast service and convenience make your payments online at or by mail/phone.

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