lendupcard.com/card – Pre-qualified for Arrow Visa Card

A potential Arrow Visa cardholders LendUp should go at lendupcard.com/card and finish their applies for the Arrow Card Visa Credit Card. It can be done after the pre-qualified letter receivement. The Arrow Visa card can easily create a credit history of your dreams within a short period. Use it and try all the benefits associated with low interest rates/fees, etc.

How to Apply at lendupcard.com/card

The Lendup Card application can be applied with a provided Lendup Card Invite Code only! Check your offer letter and find it. It is a 12 digit code that should be highlighted in your letter. Once you find the code you will need to visit the Lendup card apply website, select I Have an Offer Code, and enter your offer code in the appropriate location to unlock your offer.

The online application usually shows all the future conditions of card usage (APR and credit card rates/terms). You will want to review this information before selecting the Apply Now button. It is important you’re aware of all of the fees and nuances tied to this card. After reviewing the information and understanding everything that is involved with this card you can now make an informed decision on going forward with the rest of the application process.

Lendup Card Application

Then you have to give a valid email address, create a secret password. The last stage — the agreement associated with the terms of use. Be ready to enter your salary information, employment info, your mortgage/rent amount, verify your address info, etc.

Click on the "Enter My application" button in case you did all the actions mentioned above. The system will check it and you will get a result of the review within a few seconds. If you’re approved for a card and extended a credit limit your credit card will be mailed out and you should receive in within 14 business days. Credit limits begin a 0 so keep this in mind.

Lendup Arrow Visa Card Features

The Lendup/Arrow Visa Card can become your financial saving tool under any circumstances. There is no need for you to have good credit anymore. It is a card that helps consumers get back on track with rebuilding their credit especially if they’ve had problems in the past with credit. Lendup works with banks that specialize in lending to poor to fair credit individuals. This brief Lendup card review will give visitors more insight into how the card works.

  • No annual fee
  • No security deposit
  • No over-the-limit fees
  • Affordable payments
  • 24.99% APR
  • 128 bit SSL encryption for online protection

Card Reports to 3 Major Credit Bureaus

The credit card has an automatic report system. It informs the credit bureau with your credit card activity. To ensure your credit score increases you will need to pay your bill on time, keep your balance below 30% utilization, maintain a long credit history, etc. These are simple steps that are a necessity to having good credit as well as possibly getting approved for a credit line increase.

Credit Limit Increase

Your credit limit can be increased after an annual revision. So keep your account in a positive way and get more money.

Free Credit Education Offered

A huge number of videos associated with credit education were created to help Arrow Visa cardholders. Consumers interested in the LendUp credit card will need to respond to the offer before the expiration date ends. The date should be highlighted in your offer letter and once again visit lendupcard.com/card to apply online.


How do I contact LendUp?

855-253-6387First-time customer: If you're a first-time applicant who included your bank account information as part of your loan application, you'll need to update it over the phone with a rep from our Customer Insights team. Please request a callback at 855-253-6387.

Is LendUp now Mission Lane?

LendUp Credit Card Biz Becomes Stand-Alone Company LendUp's business will now focus on personal loans, gamified education, and savings opportunities as an independent company. The newly-created Mission Lane will handle credit cards, including that business line's card portfolio, IP and technology platform.

Is LendUp a payday loan?

LendUp offers smaller loans than other lenders, with a maximum amount of 0. ... Like most payday lenders, LendUp doesn't typically report to the credit bureaus, and getting loans that are reported can help you build your credit, giving you access to lower interest rate loans through banks.

What is Mission Lane visa?

The Mission Lane Visa® Credit Card is a very basic card that lacks any overly valuable benefits, and is meant for consumers looking to fix poor or limited credit. ... You'll typically get an instant decision on your application so you know if you're approved or declined for the card, rather than waiting days or weeks.

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