Invitiation to Receive a Chase Freedom Credit Card

Take advantage of the opportunity to receive a Chase Freedom Credit Card.  If you recently received a letter in the mail with an invitation to apply for a Chase Freedom card then consider the offer and apply online today.  The actual letter is sort of a pre-approval offer which has identified you as a primary consumer that could be accepted for a credit limit with Chase.  This is a great time for a consumer that is interested in upgrading their current credit card to a better card.

Consumers interested in applying for a Chase Freedom Credit Card can begin the application process online at (  When applying for the card you will need to enter the 12 digit invitation number that is highlighted on the letter you received in the mail.  After filling all of the available blanks on the website including your personal information it will take approximately 15 seconds to receive a decision on your credit acceptance.  If you are accepted you will also be notified of your approved credit limit and when your new card will arrive in the mail.

Consumers don’t necessarily have to apply online for a Freedom card but can utilize the paper application attached to your mailer.  The paper application will need to be mailed in and you’ll need to allow at least 2 weeks to learn of your credit status.  This is why it’s a much faster process to apply online and bypass the mailing process so you can receive an instant decision.  The current offer to apply for a Chase card is only available according to the promotion date that is noted on your mailer.  After the date ends the offer expires.

What can new cardholders expect from their new Chase Freedom Card?  As a new cardholder you can take advantage of a low introductory rate for 15 months after your account opens on purchases and transferred balances, 1% unlimited cash back, 5% total cash back on up to $1,500 in combined purchases in bonus categories, no annual fee, easy points redeeming process, and more.   

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