– Pre-approved for Indigo Platinum???

Potential Indigo Platinum Mastercard holders should visit to apply for the card in case they have received a personal pre-approval offer.

The platform is used to apply for a card within a fast application procedure. There, customers get instant decisions associated with their approvement.

Use Personal Invitation Number

If you were lucky to receive a card offer go at for further actions required:

  • In the beginning, you have to submit your Indigo Apply Personal Invitation Number that can be found on the pre-approval letter (it is a highlighted 12-digit number).
  • Provide the required field with the Indigo Invitation number and do not forget to fill in your zip code (it consists of 5 characters). The next step is to hit “Get Started.”
  • The Indigo Platinum Mastercard application process requires some additional information associated with your income, employment, mortgage/rent amount and so on.
  • Often, part of the information is automatically filled in before you receive a pre-approval letter to save your time.
  • After you finish the application procedure you will be shown an acceptance/denial result. If you’re accepted you will be extended a credit limit based on your credit history and an Indigo Platinum Mastercard sent to your address.

Indigo Apply Pre Approved Offer Details

The Indigo Platinum card is the most suitable financial tool for clients who want to change/establish credit their credit.

Moreover, customers are able to check their pre-approval statuses without any changes associated with their credit histories/scores.

Indigo Mastercard holders must be 18+.

People are also able to apply for a card without receiving an offer/pre-approval letter. They only need to visit and click at “See if you’re pre-qualified” button.

Reports to Credit Bureau

According to the state financial policy, the Indigo Mastercard reports customers' credit card activities details to certain institutions (the credit bureau). Your payment activity and balance will be sent and reported to the credit bureau which initiates your credit rebuilding process. Unlike a debit/prepaid card that does not report your card activity, this is a real credit card that works likewise. The fastest way to get accepted is online at

Indigo Credit Card Reviews

The Indigo Apply pre-approved offer has some interesting advantages you should get acquainted with. You will want to pay attention to the details to ensure you understand how this card works before applying.


  • Identity Theft Resolutions Services
  • Extended Warranty Coverage
  • Price Protection

Offers fraud protection if lost or stolen – call 1-888-260-4532

You will not be liable if your card is used by scammers!

Annual Fee

Your credit score may affect the annual fee that ranges from $ 0 – $99. If your credit score is high enough you may qualify for a card with no annual fee.

  • Regular APR – 23.9%
  • Max late fee – $37
  • Max over the limit fee – $37

Consumers that are interested in the Indigo Apply Pre Approval offer can start the application process online at

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