HSN Pre-Approval Offer for Credit Card

HSN clients can utilize the possibility of a special pre-approval proposition to apply for an HSN credit card. This singular suggestion is available for consumers who recently made a buying from HSN and is affording them the probability to acquire a credit limit. Nowadays customers who are recommended for credit will accept the benefits of utilizing their first purchase taking advantage of their new credit card.

If cardholders wish to complete the pre-approval procedure by applying online for their HSN credit card, they should visit hsn.com/myaccount/creditcard/pc. At the site they will need to fill in some personal information including their address, social security number, annual income, etc.

Once this information has been entered it will take a few seconds for the application to be processed and a decision to be made on their credit limit. After the process has completed customers will be sent their new HSN credit card in the mail.

Below some fundamental credit information that new customers should take into account with their new account:

  • Standard variable APR of 26.99%
  • Late payment fee up to .00
  • Returned payment up to .00
  • Skip payment option can be allowed at their discretion
  • Credit limit can change at any time
  • You can pay all of your account balance at any time without penalty

Using the status of the new cardholder, the consumer will be able to experience a few advantages that connected with your new card such as VIP Easy Returns, ExtraFlex, VIP Financing, year-round exclusive propositions, and no yearly fee. With the VIP Easy Returns purchased items can be mailed back and the return charges will be credited back to your account.

The ExtraFlex option extends customers monthly FlexPay payments on certain items. VIP Financing offers no interest for purchases if the total amount is paid off within 9 months.

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