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Hyundai customers can register and login to their Hyundai vehicle account online at www.hmfusa.com/login. The Hyundai Motor Finance website is an all in one resource for visitors to apply for credit, login to their lease/vehicle loan account, make online payments, learn about new offers, etc.

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Accessing the HMFUSA Website

The first step for any Hyundai customer that is new to the HMFUSA website is to register for an online account. The process is simple and here are some steps to follow:

  • Visit www.hmfusa.com
  • Click Create an Account link at top left corner of website
  • You will be redirected to www.hmfusa.com/register
  • Enter your account number or VIN
  • Date of birth
  • Last 4 digits of ssn
  • Click blue Verify button
  • Create username & password
  • Set communication preferences


After you finish the enrollment process and created your login credentials the next step is to login to hmfusa.com/login. At the top left corner of the Hyundai Finance website enter your username, password, and click the blue Log In button.

HMFUSA My Account Features

hmfusa my account

Once logged in to your account users have a number of options available to them which are designed to assist them with managing their account. Here is a list of account features users can utilize:

  • Mobile access
  • Autopay
  • Make a payment
  • Account alerts
  • FICO online
  • Account summary
  • Paperless billing
  • View statements
  • Show FICO score free

HMFUSA Pay Bill Info

Perhaps the most common use of the Hyundai Finance website is for users to make their car payment each month. The HMFUSA payment center is free to use but there are other payment services available as well.

The downside to the other options is they have an additional fee attached. Paying online is a free service and only requires you paying from your checking or money market account.

Customers can make manual one-time monthly payments or they can utilize the Autopay feature. Payments are made via electronic draft from their bank so you will need to store your bank checking account info inside your account.

If you are interested in the Autopay feature there is an enrollment form that can be downloaded and returned to get started within the Hyundai payment center.

Pay by Mail

Mail both your payment and remit coupon and include account number on check to:

Retail customers

Hyundai Motor Finance

PO Box 650805

Dallas, TX 75265-0805

Lease customers

Hyundai Motor Finance

PO Box 660891

Dallas, TX 75266-0891

Pay by HMFUSA Customer Service

Call Automated phone system @ 1-866-498-4455

  • Have HMF account and banking info handy
  • Convenience fee of $3.95 per payment to use the service

Call and speak with a live representative @ 1-866-644-1350

  • Convenience fee of $7.95 per payment to use this service

Hyundai monthly payments made via the online service, automated phone system, or to a live phone representative are posted to your account the same day if made before 8pm Eastern standard time. Any payments made after that time frame are posted to your account the following business day.





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