Get Free Access To Your PaycheckPlus Card

If you’re an employee of a company who gets paid via a PaycheckPlus Payroll Card access your account online at the PaycheckPlus web portal.  At the site employees can view the entire amount direct deposited from their company for the hours worked during the recent pay period.  It is free to login to your account and view your paystub online which is the most convenient way to view your pay.  Employees can also check their balance by calling the toll free number located on the back of their pay card.

To login to PaycheckPlus users will need to at the login screen.  If you have not created a User ID then simply enter your card number in place of your User ID.  You could modify your login credentials through the online registration process.  First-time users of the site can sign up for the service through the “First time login” link which will guide them through the short registration.

Every employee that utilizes the card should understand the fees associated with using the PaychekPlus card.  A general list of the fees are as follows:

  • Get cash – $1.75
  • Check balance – $ 0.75
  • Retail purchase – $ 0.50
  • US Post Office money order – $ 0.50
  • Send money – $4.00
  • Balance inquiry – FREE

The very first transaction you make on your card after receiving your pay is free.  This rule is in effect for each pay period and includes transactions such as point of sale, electronic transfer from your card to a bank account, checking your balance, withdrawing from an ATM, etc.  After that first transaction has completed every transaction thereafter will be assessed the appropriate fee.

To continue to save on fees employees should consider locating surcharge free Allpoint ATM machines in their area.  These machines have cheaper ATM fees than your typical ATM and will save you money when you need to withdraw.  Another free service is the Text alerts that can be activated inside your account.  The service alerts you of your current account balance via text to your mobile phone so you’ll always be aware.

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