FedEx Employee Online Benefits Access

Workers of FedEx can access their employee profits online at the FedEx Benefits Online Center. The website lets employees enter in the benefits system and receive info about their profit plans, subscribe for benefits and control any permanent changes to their benefits. The employee can vary some info belong to their benefits via the online account.

During the yearly Open Enrollment period, each employee can access their account through the Benefits Center and form their health insurance choice. It is important that each employee takes the time to make their changes during this time of the year because when the Open Enrollment period ends they won’t be able to change anything pertaining to their benefits.

For using the website FedEx employees should know their employee number but for right entering the system need to create parole that is needed in conjunction with their employee number to correctly login. Pertaining to passwords every 90 days users will need to create a brand new password. This is a security feature that every employee must follow. Passwords that have expired or may have been forgotten can be easily reset by clicking the reset link on the Benefits Center homepage.

The website accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week for workers to get their employee info and revise their profit plans amply. Employees have the options to make small changes such as to their personal information or any other family status changes. The site is accessible for users through any device that has internet connectivity such as a home computer, laptop, public computer, smartphone, etc. To get started and login to your benefits account please visit

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