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Customers who often fill their vehicles at such gas stations as Phillips 66, Conoco, or 76 have a brilliant opportunity to get lots of rewards. All the necessary information about DriveSavvy rewards can be found at

The DriveSavvy Phillips 66 promotion reward presents customers with different types of discounts when they use new credit cards. The discounts are below:

  • Earn 5 cents per gallon in fuel statement credits every day with the Drive Savvy Rewards credit card
  • Earn 50 cents per gallon in fuel statement credits for the first 30 days
  • Earn 10 cents per gallon from day 31 to day 90
  • Earn 5 cents per gallon after the first 90 days after opening a Drive Savvy rewards credit card

Accessing Drive Savvy Credit Card Login

If you have not heard about this super promotion go at login page to read more useful instructions, conditions and create your personal account. If you haven’t already applied for a card you can do so at the website. Select the appropriate Apply Now button under the gas rewards credit card you’re most interested in, Phillips 66, Conoco, or 76. Login

Finish the Phillips 66 credit card application via the Internet in case you are 18+ y.o. Other tidbits of info that is required is your name, address, phone number, email address, list annual net income, current residency length, date of birth, social security number, etc. After completing the online application you will receive an instant decision on your acceptance.

Account Registration

The DriveSavvy Rewards website is also used by customers to register their new credit cards (this manipulation will also allow you to manage a card). Follow the steps below to successfully register your account:

  • Select Manage Your Account at the top right of the screen
  • You will be redirected to
  • Select the black Register button
  • Enter your credit card number and zip code, select Continue
  • Setup your security questions
  • Create your login credentials (User ID and Password)

DriveSavvy Online Payment

Every cardholder has to use login credentials to get access to account data and to manage their personal area if necessary. You can sign on from your home computer, public computer, mobile devices, or smartphone.

The web platform allows users to make payments using savvy credit car, control purchases, view credit limit and so on. You can use the semi-automatic payment function after once you have created a special payment template.

ConocoPhillips Credit Card Features

The Phillips 66, Conoco, or 76 gas credit cards can be used at pumps at the stations that are members of such a promotion. You will use the card for payment to receive the lowest posted price or for discounts for cash or gift cards. Take note that rewards can be credited to your account in case you buy at least 45 gallons of gas. All rewards are issued as fuel statement credits and posted to your account within 2 billing cycles.



Are ConocoPhillips and Phillips 66 the same company?

In 2012, ConocoPhillips (COP ) spun off its downstream assets and midstream assets to create the independent energy company Phillips 66 (PSX ). Prior to the spin off, ConocoPhillips was the fifth largest integrated oil company in the world, after it had merged with Phillips Petroleum in 2002.

How do I pay my Toys R Us card?

All you need to do is register your account on the Toys R Us website, log in, click on “Make a Payment,” and enter your bank routing number and checking account number. Your second option is to mail a check and the payment coupon from your statement to Toys R Us MasterCard, P.O. Box 530939, Atlanta, GA 30353.

What bank is Toys R Us credit card?

Synchrony BankThe "R"Us Credit Card and MasterCard is issued by Synchrony Bank("SYNCB") and is not an obligation of Toys"R"Us, Inc. Have a question about your "R"Us MasterCard or "R"Us Credit Card? "R"Us MasterCard cardholders, call 1-855-389-2359 and "R"Us Credit Cardholders call 1-855-389-2365.

Where can I use a Conoco gas card?

Conoco® Universal Card That's why we've created the Conoco Universal Card, accepted at 90% of U.S. retail fuel locations and 45,000 service locations nationwide - anywhere WEX® is accepted. To apply, please call 1-877-685-0323 or click the button below.

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