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Through the website at www.discoverpersonalloans.com/apply Certain Discover cardholders can utilize an exclusive proposal to apply for a Discover Personal Loan online. Customers that have a right to this proposal should have obtained an invitation in the mail to apply.

This invitation is intended for participants that have privileged status as a loyal Discover cardmember together with other acceptable factors.

Discover Personal Loan Apply Online

You should pay attention before starting, the invitation only defines whether you are eligible for the loan and it will not influence your credit score. You will receive an offer that if you like it the next step is to complete the application and afterwards wait for a decision. The decision process only takes a few minutes and when approved accept your loan.

When participants start to complete the application they should find the 16 digits personal ID number which is situated on the front of the paper card affixed to your invitation letter. This number along with your email address starts the application process at the Discover Personal Loan application site.

Before beginning at the Discover application procedure on the website you should enter your invitation number and email address then select Continue. To continue on with applying you will need to enter the following info: