– Nutribullet Warranty Registration

New Nutribullet users who have recently acquired a block of the Nutribullet should register online at or

The online registration provides a 15-month extended guarantee which will ensure coverage of your device in case of problems with it.

Nutribullet Warranty Registration Instructions

The registration procedure is easy and only takes a few minutes. Here’s how you get started:
  1. Visit
  2. Select the type of Nutribullet you purchased
  3. Enter your purchase date
  4. Enter your product serial number
  5. Select where you bought your Nutribullet from inside the drop down menu
  6. Place a check in the I’m not a robot area
  7. Click the red Next button

Once completing the first step of the guarantee enrollment procedure you should continue to the second step and enter the following information: Name, Email address, Phone number, Address.

After completion of all these actions, your new guarantee will be activated. You will find at the bottom of a link to the warranty details. Please take the time to review the information given so you will be fully informed on what to expect.

In the case of problems with the working of a product, you should contact customer service at 1-855-34-Nutribullet or you can use the customer service link to fill the customer contact form.

Nutribullet Registration Details

Utilizing the Nutribullet guarantee you should take account of some details. These details are based on specifics about your warranty, initial steps to take if you’re experiencing problems with your device, and a refund.

Nutribullet FAQ Section

Users can go to the Customer Service section to use the number for direct communication with a representative of the company. You can easily submit your issues and concerns with these two options.

If you are starting to experience difficulties with your device Nutribullet, it is always helpful to first check their FAQ section for any quick answers that may decide your problem. If you cannot find the solution you’re looking for then visit the Customer Service section of the Nutribullet site.

One of the working conditions Nutribullet is a 30-day return program, it promises if for some causes you are not fully pleased within the first 30 days after receiving your original order, we will refund your money (minus shipping and handling).

Basic Warranty

The fundemental guarantee to each Nutribullet product supplied with a 1-year bounded warranty. This protects your device from defects it may have after you purchase it, pull it out of the box, and begin using it. Depending on the problems you may be experiencing your unit could be either repaired or replaced with a new one.

Daily wear and tear and accidents are the problems that the guarantee does not cover. If you are interested in upgrading your warranty for an extended period of time you can take advantage of the 4 year limited warranty which has an additional charge.


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