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Bloomin Brands Inc. employees have a useful opportunity associated with a platform called UltiPro. It can be found at https://osi.ultipro.com. In general, the online system shows users all the information related to employees' salaries, working schedules, and all kinds of benefits. Thus the Bloomin Brands restaurant chain has a stable connection between employees and managing departments. The users should use their login credentials to use the platform and get all the information needed. Moreover, this online resource can be used round the clock.

Simple Login procedure at OSI Ultipro

The first step — an employee should open the BBI Connect OSI Ultipro web page via any gadget that has a stable Internet connection. You can do it quickly by clicking the link offered in the article. Take into account the fact that many employers use the represented resource for their payrolls, as a result it may be difficult for your employer to find the required one. So, once you visit the site, add it to bookmarks.

Personal login credentials consist of 2 elements. The first is your username, the second is password. Such information can be given by an employer managing department or HR. Those who do not have them can use the help of the Supervisor or HR department. Note: the first sign in to Ultipro is always performed with a default password. However, you must change it just after the log in.

BBBI Connect Ultipro Highlights

My BBI Connect could also provide you the data related to past/nowadays worked weeks. Such information is important for employees because makes possible to monitor their time to be sure in proper payment and troubleshoot problems before issuing checks. Consequently, this system helps employees to control their own time and report about any problem. Many employees are signed up for various useful benefits. The system could also show what kind of benefits you use. It is available via BBI Connect Ultipro. Thus, there is no need to call customer support for information about benefits. All information related to 401k and health insurance is stored on the account.

Your Ultipro OSI personal information can be changed whenever you want. Users are able to add any important data associated with their families, dependents and so on. In addition, the represented communication system allows employees and management have good communication. At the same time, online changes made via the website must be approved by the Supervisor or HR.

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