AT&T Tech Support Remote Computer Control Tool

Internet customers of AT&T who are experiencing problems with their internet service can utilize the AT&T Remote Control Tool that will connect them with an agent from Technical Support who, with the permission of the user, have access to the computer that is having problems.  This is a great way for customers to receive one on one assistance without having to call in an actual AT&T Tech Support worker to your home.

Once you are instructed to go to the AT&T Remote Control site you will need to basically follow the instructions on the screen to download the Remote Control client to your desktop allowing Tech Support entrance onto your desktop.   This step in the process of trying to troubleshoot your computer is always considered after you’ve tried on your own or followed troubleshooting methods with an AT&T Tech over the phone but to no avail.

For customers who are unsure about the Remote Control process here is a very quick 4 step review of how it works:

•             Download the Remote Control Client to your desktop

•             Enter your session ID number

•             Choose your access level

•             Launching the Remote Control tool

After those 4 steps are followed the AT&T Tech Support Agent should have complete control over your computer for troubleshooting.

This feature is a very efficient way of solving computer and internet problems that customers may be experiencing.  It is so much better than initiating a service call for someone to come out to your home to troubleshoot your computer in person.  This saves the customer and company time and money while solving most problems using this remote control service.

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