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Customers who took a pre-approval message from Surge MasterCard can put in an application for online at This online operation is rapid but demanding you to complete several details and finally, you can receive immediate solution on your credit adoption which takes a few seconds. You should answer to the Surge Card proposal previous to the expiration date. It is only accessible for that period if you skip you must wait before the company solutes to advance the card offer again.

Surge MasterCard

If you are a consumer who is trying to restore your credit and you not long ago received a pre-approval message for a Surge credit card from Celtic Bank set aside the time to review the pre-approval offer that Celtic Bank is representing you. The Surge MasterCard is a viable option for anyone that has poor credit and is willing to work hard to improve their credit score.

After receiving Surge MasterCard credit card users will get monthly information about their credit card activity to all three head credit offices. The initial credit limit is 0 for an unsecured credit card but depending on creditworthiness some consumers may be required to put down a security deposit. With the MasterCard logo consumers can use their Surge Card anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Surge Credit Card Application

By accepting the pre-approval e-mail offer you are pre-chosen to get the card if you will perform the next actions for online filing application. To apply for the card online consumers will need to locate their Reservation number that is highlighted on the preapproval letter they received in the mail. The next step is to visit the Surge MasterCard application website which is located at

Fill out the online application and expect for a solution on your acceptance which only takes near a minute and recognize if you are completely acceptable to get a credit limit from Celtic Bank for their Surge Card.

Surge Card Features

If you are taken for an account you should take into consideration: usual APR is 29.99%, there is a yearly payment of 5 for the first year and following that, a monthly service payment of per month is accessed, etc. New members will receive their card within 3 business days and it will need to be activated before using it by calling the toll free number on the sticker affixed to the card.

Consumers can use the option of online banking that is provided for nothing of service as they account holders. From their online account they will be able to sign up for e-billing, make payments online, view their billing statements, make changes to their personal information, etc.

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