– Apply Amex Premier Rewards Gold

Are you ready to renew your credit card? In the case, you got an email from American Express proposing you to apply for the Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express you should visit to utilize this possibility to obtain this card. There are lots of advantages connected with the PRG card with the most attractive benefit of getting 25,000 points after you spend at least $1,000 on appropriate purchases during the first 3 months.

Benefits of Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express

  • 25,000 Membership Rewards Points awarded during the first year under the $ 0 introductory annual, every year after the annual fee is $175
  • Add up to 5 additional cards with no annual fee
  • 1 point earned for every dollar spent
  • Triple points can be earned on airfare tickets purchased directly from the airlines
  • Double points earned at US gas stations, supermarkets, and restaurants
  • All membership points earned do not expire

Update to the Amex Premier Gold Rewards card through the website and get a 1-minute immediate resolution. It’s convenient and easy to do and once you’re accepted your credit card will be mailed out to you in the mail.

Apply PRG

The procedure for getting accepted is not difficult, only demanding you to visit their online application site at When you visit the site the first step in the application process is entering in your RSVP code that is highlighted on your invite letter and your zip code. The RSVP code is made up of 14 digits.

The next step is finishing the remainder of the online application as by inputting in your RSVP code much of your private information is already confirmed by dint of the use of your RSVP code which personalizes your application.

After you’ve entered in all of your personal and financial information required for the application click the Submit button to process your application and wait for an instant decision. It only takes roughly a minute or so to receive an acceptance and be extended a credit limit.

After you will be adopted for the Amex Premier Rewards card the website will instantly notify you on the screen and for other applications, it may take longer to receive a solution. Applicants will need to check back on their status at a later date.

Apply By Mail

In the case you not familiar with applying online then customers can also answer to the proposition by mailing in the PRG card application involved in their mail offer. The process of finding out if you’re accepted or not via mail is slower in comparison with applying online as you have to allow for mail travel time which slows down the process. This is why it is easier to complete the application online and receive an immediate decision on your application versus waiting longer than 2 weeks for a response in the mail.

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