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Employees that are contracted out for work with Aerotek can record and track their hours worked online by visiting Aerotek Time and Expense at   The site provides employees secure access to their timesheet so they can login and enter their hours worked to ensure they are paid accurately.  Users can access the site from any computer or mobile device via a web browser.

Aerotek Time and Expense

After an employee has accessed their Aerotek Time and Expense sign in they can review their timesheet and make any necessary edits.  Employees are not limited to a time when they can access the site and make changes to their time card anytime of the day.  The site is available to them 24 hours a day 7 days a week to login and update their hours worked.  The only exception is their hours must be submitted prior to 10am on Monday after their work week to avoid any delays in getting paid.

When logged in Aerotek employees can make edits to the client/employer they worked for during a specific period of time during the week.  If they had multiple employers they worked for during the week they can easily add this information to their timecard.  They can also add their regular and overtime hours including monitor their totals.  As they’re adding their hours into the online timecard system they can see their total hours worked and expected pay out for the upcoming pay period.

Aerotek Time Card

In the past Aerotek gave their employees paper timesheets that they used to record their daily hours worked and at the end of the week they would have their supervisor sign off to verify their hours worked.  With the Time and Expense website the process of keeping up with employee hours has been simplified and is more convenient.

The employee can enter in their hours worked and their supervisor will verify their time electronically.  There is no paper trail anymore as everything is done online.  Employees don’t have to carry around their timesheet and remember to turn it in to Aerotek by a certain time in order to get paid but instead through Time and Attendance they can conveniently login to their account and enter in their hours.  Once their supervisor approves their time they’ll get paid with no problems.  It’s simple.

Aerotek Time and Expense Allegis Group

The Time and Expense Aerotek timesheet is also a benefit for clients as Supervisors in charge of Aerotek employees don’t have to worry about paper time slips as well.  Time slips have always been a hassle for the temporary employee as well as for the clients.  They can simply approve their temp employees hours online from the Aerotek Time and Expense website and have everything processed electronically.  It’s a much easier transaction than paper.

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