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Speedtalk Mobile customers that have purchased a new phone can activate the SIM card in their phone by visiting the Speedtalk activation website. At the site it’s an easy process to activate and start your new phone’s service.

The first step is to punch out the SIM card size that best fits your device. Your SIM card comes in 3 sizes:

  • Standard
  • Micro
  • Nano
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How Speedtalk Activate Works

  • Visit www.activatespeedtalk.com
  • At the SpeedTalk: Activation or Port-in section enter your SpeedTalk Mobile SIM Card number
  • Your SIM card number should be a 19 digit number that is easily found on the back of your card
  • Click the Continue button
  • Enter the Shipping ZIP code


The next step is you will notice 2 options:

  • Activate
  • Port-In

If you are interested in transferring your number from your previous carrier click the Port-In button and if you are receiving a brand new phone number click the Activate button

Activating SIM Card

If you selected the Activate button option on the activatespeedtalk.com site you will notice the Summary that will show the following info:

  • SIM number
  • Your Plan
  • Your total charges

You will then need to complete the following fields under Customer Info:

  • Zip code for your new number
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Contact phone number
  • Check the agree to terms box
  • Click the blue Continue button

Contact Customer Service

Call 1-310-707-0000

Speedtalk Activate Quick Refill Option

If you need to replenish your account with a plan or with additional minutes, texts, or data you can do so without having to step foot into a store. Simply use the Quick Refill option on the activatespeedtalk.com website.

Here is what the Quick Refill option allows:

  • Replenish your account
  • Update your plan
  • Add minutes
  • Add texts
  • Add data
  • Check your balance
  • View plan info
  • Login to your SpeedTalk account

If you need any of the above info to get started follow these steps:

  • Visit www.activatespeedtalk.com

Under the Quick Refill section enter the following info:

SpeedTalk Mobile Number


SpeedTalk Sim Number

Click the Submit button

Continue on with the rest of the process for inputting your payment options and info




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