– New Credit Card Activation

Customers who recently got approved for a credit card in their bank or credit union and lately obtained it in the email may activate that card online at . The website is accessible for cardholders to access around the clock every day of the week.

Users may also use their smart phone, mobile devices, home pc, or public computer to access the website in order to activate their card. You only need an online connection to get online.

Activate Online at

In the Activatemycards site users will observe that it is a website that is straightforward receive and to use your own card activated and securely. So that you do not need to be concerned about if this website is secure or not many banks and credit unions use the service.

The very first step is to pick the Let's Activate My Card . You will have to enter your card number then choose Submit. It is helpful to get your brand new credit card handy so that you may copy/enter the 16 digit card number into the Card Number field.

After entering your amount you'll be told to the next phase of this activation procedure. Make sure you put in your number without dashes or spaces, as is input. It's probable you'll be asked to enter your security code located on the back of the card expiry date and your card.

Activate By Phone

Cardholders can decline the option to activatemycard online and follow the phone activation route. To follow this route you will need to call 1-800-411-3690 and follow the phone instructions towards activating your card by phone.

ActivatemyCards – Only For Card Activation

Please keep in mind that Activatemycard is just an online activation site and no more. You won’t be able to access your credit card account from this website. This site is merely a 3rd party website that serves one purpose, activating your card.

If you need to access your credit card account online you will need to visit your credit card website via your bank or credit union to register for online usage. You should be able to find information about this process via your bank website or by speaking with someone at your bank.

After you properly and securely access your credit card via you can then begin using it to make purchases.

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