5-Hour Energy $100K Yummification Video Contest

Here’s your chance to enter the 5-Hour Energy Yummification Video Contest and have a chance to win one of four monetary prizes totaling $100,000 to be given away.  The prizes up for grabs are the Grand Prize at $100,000, Second Prize $30,000, Third Prize $10,000, and Fourth Prizes at $1,000.  All monetary prizes will be awarded in the form of a check.

The promotional period for the contest begins on February 7, 2020 and ends on February 19, 2020.  To enter the sweepstakes contestants can visit 5houryummification.com and review the instructions provided there as well as complete the online entry form.  The basic contest instructions consist of each contestant creating and submitting a 60 second video showing how they’ve created their own recipe beverage using their favorite 5-Hour energy flavor.  The beverage should have its own creative name and each video submitted will be counted as one entry.

The second way to participate in the contest is to go to facebook.com/5HourEnergyShot and like the page.  After liking the page the same steps are required which include creating a video of your own 5-Hour Energy recipe beverage.  There are guidelines that need to be followed when creating your recipe.  At the contest website there is a list of approved and unapproved beverages that can be used in your creation.

Each recipe may only use one full bottle of 5-Hour Energy and only one to two approved ingredients from the beverage list.  To get started and learn more about this sweepstakes please click the link below.

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