www.CignaforHCP.com - convenient way to be a part of platform for healthcare providers

Why Cigna is a good choice for healthcare providers and customers?

  • More than 95 million customers trust them
  • Reliable 24/7 customer service
  • More than 200 years of experience
  • Great number of beneficial services
  • Supplements a range of Medicare insurance plans
  • Convenient operation
  • Constant development and improvement
  • 10000 in-network health care providers

How to login and receive access to Cigna health care tools via CIGNA for Health Care Professionals website www.CignaforHCP.com

Following the link to the site, you should see “Cigna provider login” box and “Cigna provider registration” box below.

You can easily log in by providing a User ID and a password. However, if you do not have a previously registered my Cigna account, it is necessary to go through a simple registration procedure or use temporary user ID.

Registration process on Cigna com is performed in a few steps:

  1. You should select whether you are a medical behavioral provider or a dental provider
  2. Enter Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). You can use up to 50 TINs
  3. Fill the personal information form where you need to identify the Medicare activity you would perform, address, ZIP code, phone number, etc.
  4. Create a UserID and a password which is to be used to obtain access to Mycigna account
  5. Check the information and press “Submit”
  6. Wait for the confirmation of your application

If you need to use the portal with temporary user id, take help of an access manager at your office that can create id and password for you. Log in to the www.CignaforHCP.com and go to Settings & Preferences in order to find out your access manager.

Note: Each member must be assigned with a suitable level of website access. It means that registered users can view the contents and utilize functions that are aligned and relevant to their job.

Once you have got access to CignaforHCP. com you can take an advantage of the following benefits:

  • View items such as claims, eligibility, precertification, etc.
  • Learn claim coding policies and payment instructions
  • Review pharmacy or medical coverage positions
  • Use health care professional reference reviews
  • Check claim payment appeal forms, procedures, and addresses

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